Analog Waveguide

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Analog Waveguide is versatile stereo resonator that feeds the signals into a rotation matrix. The matrix can be set to any angle. Its signal path is fully analog, and the delay lines are implemented with bucket brigade delays. The design was described in a concept by Michael Gerzon from 1971, but was only implemented digitally in 2011 by Miller Puckette. Our interpretation re-implements and extends the original concept as an Eurorack module with an analog signal path. The resulting resonator is an analog waveguide for vivid physical modeling sound synthesis . The integrated display shows the two signals in a Cartesian coordinate system. The resulting image visualizes the complex oscillating signal in the resonator. The wide range of forms and movements is mesmerizing to watch and allows for a synaesthetic experience of the instrument. The visual representation of the signal also assists the experienced user to remember and recreate parameter settings for specific sounds.


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