Our Premiere VST3 Plugin for Linux, Mac and Windows

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If you want to get your hands on your snare sound — literally — than this is what you need.

The PRO version has additional features over the free plugin:

  • sidechain input for external excitation signals (e.g. you can use a piezo disk on you mic input)
  • frequency shift for playing different resonances with external input
  • crunch parameter to change the timbre of the snare rattle sound

If you are into sound experiments, or you are seeking for more intimate control over a complex sound generator, you should definitely get the PRO version. You will love to play the snare drum with your hands or drum sticks just as we do!

Check out the videos below we play the snare with a DIY microphone (piezo disc) or with a standard e-drum trigger pad. (coming soon)

Check out this link on how to build your own piezo disc amplifier for use with the pro version plugin.

Compatible Software

Operating Systems

  • Mac OS 10.12 and greater
  • Windows 10 (other versions untested)
  • Ubuntu 21.04 (other versions untested)

Digital Audio Workstations

For VST3 plugin support you need one of the following music production software:

  • Ableton Live 10.1 and greater
  • Bitwig 3.3 and greater (ealier versions untested)
  • Reaper 6.28 and greater (ealier versions untested)
  • Ardour 6.5 and greater
  • Other DAWs or plugin hosts like Logic or Cubase which support VST3 plugins should work but are not tested. Reports are welcome.
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